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“I Have Lost 30Kgs Of Weight After Leaving My Husband” Amira Reveals

Kenyan female celebrity Amira has lost 30kgs of weight, after she had undergone a weight loss journey. Amira has advised her fellow women to follow her suit, so that they can shed their excess weight. Amira decided to leave her ex-husband Jamal Roho Safi, after she got tired of fighting for her marriage. Amira left her Bui- Bui mode of dressing, and she is now showing some flesh.

You should know that having excess weight is not good for your health, because it comes with a lot of health complications. Many people always think that having excess weight means that you are healthy, and you are eating well.

You should never exceed over 85kgs of weight, if you are a man. You should also not exceed over 75kgs of weight, if you are a woman. You should know that having excess weight comes diseases such as heart attack, pressure among other diseases, therefore you should always mind your weight.

You should know that there are various ways in which you can apply, so that you can reduce your weight. You should mind your diet, therefore you must eat a balanced diet. You should avoid too much processed food, because they had a lot of fat to your body.

You should know that your body doesn’t need a lot of fat, because it will block blood flow in your veins. You should also do a lot of physical exercise, if you want your body to be fit. You should know that doing physical exercise is one of the surest way that you can employ, so that you can reduce your excess weight.

You can go to the gym, so that you can do some exercise. You can also do jogging every morning, so that you can keep fit. Amira also decided to change her dress code, and she left wearing Bui-Bui type of clothes which covered her whole body. She is now dressing like any other normal lady, and men are now starting to go after her.

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