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From Heartbreak To Prince Charming Amberay List Of Relationships And Heartbreaks.

Amberray alias Faith Makau is one of the famous and controversial socialites in Kenya -. She is a businesswoman, a brand ambassador, and most importantly a mother to her one son, known to the public as Gavin.

Love wins in the edge, and here is a list of profiled relationships Amberray has been involved in, before meeting prince charming Kennedy Rapido.

1. Amberray and Zaheer Jhanda.

According to Amberray she first met Zaheer a businessman after she lost her job, was broke, and was depressed. Zaheer moved her out of her father's home and rented her an apartment, furnished it, and bought her a Mark x.

Little did she know her night and shining armor Zaheer was a married man with two kids. Amber says Zaheer showed no sign of being a married man and they went everywhere together so she never suspected him.

However, time eventually caught up with them and Zaheer's wife paid them an impromptu visit the truth dawned on Amber that she was dating a married man.

Eventually, her relationship with Zaheer became too much for her after three years and they parted ways with allegations against Amber that she used Juju to get Zaheer something she rebuffed.

2. Amberray and Jimal Rohosafi.

Amberray still had not mastered the tricks of cunning city-married men who were out to have fun. Jimal Rohosafi the CEO of the matatus association was very much married to Amira with two sons when he coerced Amber into a relationship with him.

Once again the flamboyant businessman rented her an apartment and gave her a high-end lifestyle. All the while lying he was on the verge of getting a divorce, so Amber never suspected him as they would even post their pictures on social media for all to see.

Unfortunately, the truth caught up with Amber once more in an impromptu way. Rohosafi was a married man with no intention of getting a divorce after he posted his family. Later what ensued was online battles between Amber and Amira Jim's first wife.

Amber and Amira in the end both dumped Jimal and went on with their lives. It should be noted that this relationship skyrocket Amber's fame judging from how her followers on Instagram increased.

3. Amberray and Kabba.

Arguably one of the shortest public relationships in Kenya. Kabba is a basketball player from Sierre Leone who started dating Amber shortly after her breakup with Jimal Rohosafi. The two seemingly had an ugly fallout, as Kabba couldn't stop revealing details about Amber. From their bedroom affairs, break-up quotes on Instagram, and "finally how difficult it was to get over her", judging from how he went on talking about her.

Amberray must have surely regretted dating him.

4. Amberray and Kennedy Rapudo.

A match made in heaven at first glance of these two budding heartthrobs. Kennedy Rapudo can be described as a man full of nyadhi. From his seemingly calm and collected composure, well-accentuated smile, and choice of dressing without forgetting his height.

Kennedy got together with Amber after her breakup with Kabba. The two started low-key but eventually started to show their love journey. Although the two broke up at some point neither of them gave up on their love and gave it a second chance.

Amberray and Kennedy got back together eventually. Kennedy met up with her parents a very important step in their serious relationship that was applauded by fans.

Recently Amber celebrated her 31st birthday and her boyfriend took her on a birthday trip to Dubai. He spared no detail in planning a beautiful engagement for Amberray in Dubai as he went on bend knees, to ask for her hand in marriage she said yes.

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