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Rue Baby Goes Silent on Her Mother, Akothee, after Cancelling her Graduation party

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Rue baby announced her latest accomplishment on her Instagram official page a few days ago. According to Rue Baby, she graduated with a second class honor after completing her first degree through a series of hard work and determination.

In honor of her daughter's accomplishment, her mother Akothee organized a graduation ceremony at which she invited all Kenyans to attend and witness Rue Baby's achievement. Rue Baby later announced on her Instagram official page that she was canceling and postponing the graduation ceremony due to her mother's deteriorating health.

Akothee was taken aback when her daughter cancelled the graduation party without her permission. To make matters worse, Akothee revealed that her daughter isn't returning her calls and that all she writes is "Get well soon."

She claims that Rue baby is the most difficult child to deal with, and we all know that she takes it back from her. She went on to say that her daughter prefers to do things her own way, which is why she didn't notify her mother about the cancellation and refused to answer her mother's phone call.

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Seems like the two have something to sought out eye to eye. Let me know in the comments whether Rue baby did the right thing or not.

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