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"Imezidi Nayo" Winnie Atieno To Be Evicted By In-laws For Not Giving Birth to A Boy Child

After 20 years in marriage and 9 years after her late husband passed away, Winnie Atieno Otieno is yet facing the toughest time in her life after her in-laws ganged up to evict her from the matrimonial home she has has called home for over 20 years.

According to Citizen Television, she was evicted and the land sold by her in-laws for not sitting a male child while her husband was alive and kicking.

Moreover, Atieno opened up on her looming troubles which started when she was diagnosed with Mayocardial Infarction (Stroke) and could not fend for her mother-in-law like in the past.

While Ojwando B sub-location Assistant Chief Charles Otwod was aware that Atieno's Sister-in-law Betha Came to her Matrimonial Village in Pap-Boro with a potential buyer, the assistant chief refused to offer any form of help by stating that Investigations are still ongoing.

While the alleged perpetrators (William Otieno, Betha and Edward) are still roaming out uncharged, Atieno gas been informed to exercise patience and wait an even division of the ancestral land.

Therefore, what do you think should be done to help Winnie Atieno Otieno? Leave a comment, let's keep the discussion going.

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