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Bungoma Class Two Dropout Marries Mzungu Lady, Gets 2 Children (Video)

They say that love has no limits, Wanyonyi who earn a living by riding a boda boda, won the heart of the American lady, and married her in County Bungoma

The people of Nyangali in Bumula were excited by this incident, that the love of Carey Joy, 35, blossomed for his son to the point that he founded a family in the remote town.

 Six years later Wanyonyi, 28, appears to have taken things even higher who prefers to be called Albert Joy. 

When Albert met Joy in 2017 in his village, with the help of his parents, in his church he saw and fell in love with Joy. 

Although he felt in love when he first saw her, until 3 month later he couldn't get the courage to talk to her. Joy arrived in Nairobi in June 2018 and received one of Albert's elder brothers in the ministry in Nairobi.

As customer and service provider, Albert took Carey to his motorcycle as she passed through the town, they started their relationship. 

The Mzungu was a loyal customer for Albert, and would take him more frequently. Albert decided one day to shoot his fire and told the white woman he loved her. 

He says the lady orders him to stop the engine immediately, which sends a chill to his back as he starts to think he's been messing up. 

“Niliona ni kama huyu mtu nikikaa nay eye anaweza nielewa. Mimi nikajua, hapa wacha nitembelee siku kama mbili ama tatu mambo itakuwa sawa.” Said, Albert.

The confession proved, however, fortunate for Albert, because the lady agreed to speak with him and now they have 2 children. 

"I fell in love with him just because I knew that this person was the one God gave me to marry," Carey said.

Later, though they encountered language barriers, they fell in love with each other. 

Albert, who is a second class, doesn't understand English, but now he can understand the queen's language with the help of his Mzungu wife. 

Albert and Joy live with each other as men and women since they tied the knot on 27 October 2018 at a small chapel in Bumula.

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