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Sultana Series: Bi Salama Angry With Sultana After She Declines Going Back To Town

Citizen Tv drama Sultana has become thrilling due to its sweet episode after episode. All the hidden secrets are gradually revealed amongst themselves. Sultana and Bi Salama had come to the village to mourn for Zuu who died in unknown circumstances where some elders claimed snake bite could be the cause.

To viewers,Major had an argument with Zuu and he hit her on her head and she felled down. The mourning moment is over as now people have gone back to their usual activities.

Bi Salama packs her belongings and wakes up Sultana who is still asleep. She tells Sultana they will be late if she don't hurry up. They are traveling back to their rental house in the town.

To Bi Salama surprise,Sultana claims she is not willing to go back since she wants to see JJ. Sultana walks outside and Bi Salama follows her.

Bi Salama tells Sultana that whatever she calls love is just ridiculous habit she has been possessing all through. Sultana accepted but maintains she is not leaving the village. Mwanzele also chipped in and claimed that these children know nothing about love referring to Kaka.

Will Sultana succeed? Keep following for more updates.

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