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'Leo Side Chick Msipige Simu' Nyoks Wa Katta Jokingly Tells Of Her Hubby's Mpango Wa Kando

Nyoks wa Katta has been recently so open about his life. Starting from his children to her hubby Katta.

Her love for his family has been evident, as he can't fail to express her love for it through the redio or on her social media page.

Recently, after a long wait, her hubby Katta Kattaj took her for an outing.

She could not hide her joy, she went on social media and posted a photo of her and the hubby.

On it was a very serious message, saying that, the goat wife has finally been taken for an outing.

She also asked that side chick not to call her lovely hubby when she is with her. This to avoid his embarrassment.

Her thinking is that, her hubby has done sometime he want to hide from her.

Shecsays, "Heyoooo kujeni omugoat wife ameperekwo prace🤣🤣🤣🤣... Nyinyi mukiangaria hii situation munaona kama mubaba amefanya kitu gani mbaya anataka kunifunika masho...... Reo side shiks musipige simu ..Reo Niko area.. musishomeee mubaba bet✌️✌️✌️✌️ Kattaj katta ongea ukweri tu."

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