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Zora :Mr Chibale makes a move towards Nana

Simba has fun teasing Madiba about how Master harassed him. Zora tells him to take the seats back to the house and then they walk together to where Madiba had parked his car.

The guy who works for Madam Zalena heads to Oscar's house. He begins searching everywhere for the bracelet that Kwame said Oscar has. He sure finds it and calls Madam Zalena. He informs her that he has found the bracelet. Just then, Oscar appears from behind and hits the guy and he faints.

Nana is on her way out when Madiba arrives. She heads to him and gives him back the chain he gave her. She explains that it's about the kids and Madiba understands.

At the gate, Mr Chibale meets Nana and offers to take her to her destination. They end up having a coffee date and it doesn't end well. Mr Chibale begins confessing his love for Nana which makes Nana confused. She ends up walking out on him.

The Chibale's are having breakfast at the table when Kwame breaks news to them that he will be marrying Yola. Everyone is shocked.

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