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Prank Gone Wrong: Nyota Ndogo's Dutch Husband Blocks And Cuts Conversation With Her

We often try showing love in different ways but at times things might go messy. Some partners are too serious to the extend that they will take a minor joke so serious. Others will understand that it was a prank then forget it. Some people will be a bit mad but then calm down later. For Nyota Ndogo, hell broke loose for her. She pranked her Dutch husband that she was pregnant for him. Mind you they had not met for about three months. The husband got very mad with her and considered it like cheating. He ended up blocking Nyota Ndogo on all social media platforms. The guy even stopped all kind of communication between the two. The musician has been suffering in silence until when she could not bear it anymore. Nyota decided to speak out and ask for assistance from her online friends and family. What can you tell Nyota Ndogo?PHOTO – You Won't Believe This is Where Nyota Ndogo Used to Sleep Before  the Fame

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