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'Mtoto Ni 3 Years From Now' Arrow Bwoy Clarifies On Nadia Mukami's Pregnancy Rumors

Nadia Mukami with Arrow Bwoy. [All Images | Courtesy]

Kenyan musician Ali Yusuf alias Arrow Bwoy has been in a romantic relationship with fellow musician Nadia Mukami for a while now even sparking rumours of Nadia being pregnant which Arrow Bwoy clarified on his official social media account.

A few hours ago, Arrow Bwoy asked his fans to chat up with him and ask any kind of questions and as usual, many of his fans wanted a glimpse of their relationship and their future.

''What do you like the most about Nadia?'' Another fan asked. He went ahead and stated that he loves how much his lover Nadia is honest adding that when she says it can't make it then it won't.

''I love how honest she is. Kama haiwes, haiwes. 😀.'' He replied.

Another fan went ahead and asked if he has other kids or a kid outside the relationship with Nadia and how is Nadia taking it if he has one.

''Uko na mtoto kweli? If Yes, Nadia anachukulia aje?'' Arrow replied stating that he does not have any kid or kids outside and not sure if Nadia would still love him if at all he had any other kids outside.

''Sina mtoto/watoto. Sijui ningekuwa na mtoto, Nadia, ungenipenda kweli 😃?'' He replied.

One of his social media fans went ahead and directly asked whether Nadia is pregnant from the rumours that have been making rounds on social media and the boyfriend was happy to offer an answer to that.

''Ati Ka Nadia ako pregnant 🤰.'' A fan posed the question.

He replied confidently revealing that they are currently on family planning and they will be ready for a kid in three years from now.

"Uliskia wapi? Tuko family planning. Mtoto ni 3 years from now.'' Arrow Bwoy responded to the fan clarifying on the rumours.

The duo had been in an on and off kind of a situation before coming out together and making it official that they are dating.

Nadia Mukami with Arrow Bwoy. [All Images | Courtesy]

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