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Proof That Sony And Disney Might Be Considered Illuminati

There are myths and misconceptions going around on the internet about Disney and Sony being associated with illuminati. First of all Disney is an entertainment company, it is a product of Sony.

You all know what Sony music company did to Michael Jackson. Pixar and Marvel are all part of Disney. Marvel started out recently and made it to the world's most ranked entertainment. All this success in such a short span?

The symbols themselves reveal a lot about Disney. The late Michael Jackson accused Sony music company of being a devil. Just he was about to reveal their dark secrets, Sony used MJ's doctor to get rid of him.

Take a closer look at most of these Disney movies and animations, you might see a symbol of illuminati hidden somewhere.

Be very careful, even the gaming consoles e.g. the PS 4 that you shamelessly play around with, might be illuminati.

You need to have strong faith in God and most importantly, you need to be aware of these satanic things. I don't want you to go astray. Watch DJ Afro movies or something.

Content created and supplied by: Pablo254 (via Opera News )

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