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Photos of Inooro TV Ithaga Riene Leah That Prove She is A True Beauty Queen

Ithaga Riene is currently the most popular local show on Inooro TV. Many Kenyans who understand Kikuyu language and watch Inooro TV are surely in love with the show. The programme, produced by Jackie Mungai alias Tina Mother In Law comes to your screens every Friday t 8:20 PM.

The programme's name (Ithaga Riene) can be best translated as 'Something that's not yours'. Ithaga Riene portrays different characters literally taking something that's not theirs mostly through forced or manipulated love. It also displays different evils in the current society, for example extra marital affairs and rape. The spicy drama in the show feels so real, owing to the fact that the show is made up of the best actors and actresses in the acting field.

One of the characters, Catherine Nduta, known as Leah in the programme is the most beautiful lady in there. She is one of the waitresses in the five star hotel where the show is set in.

Leah is just an innocent girl waiting to get married. However, her boyfriend's mother gets sick, with a heart disease that requires so much money for an operation so that she can recover. With deep love for her mother in law, Leah sleeps with someone else's husband (a governor) in the hope that she will get the required money.

The fake love between Leah and the governor turns quite dramatic when the governor refuses to give her the huge amount of money that she desperately needs. He ends up taking her round in circles. All viewers are curious to know how this drama will end. Everyone who watches the show waits for Friday 8:20 PM like no other time.

Well, many viewers have fallen in love with Catherine because of how she makes the show feel so real through her natural talent. Catherine is an alumni of Chinga Girls' High School Nyeri. She is also an alumni of Kenya Institute of Mass communication (KIMC). Catherine is so beautiful. 

Here are some of her photos;

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