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Mejja's Message as His 'Tabia za Wakenya' Song is Still not Back on YouTube

Major Nameye Khadija popularly known with his stage name Mejja is a Kenyan genge artist. He was signed to Calif records where he released multiple collaborations. His single "Jana Kuliendaje" won him an award at Kenya's Chaguo la Teeniz in 2008.

His song Tabia za Wakenya' which has been trending in Kenya and is loved by many was recently pulled down in YouTube after a rising artist accused him of stealing the song. Major promised to deal with it and today in his Instagram account he wrote;"Hii ndio ngoma imestrike #Tabiazawakenya kwa YouTube ujing*!!! yaani am speechless nimetumiwa kwa mail na YouTube yaani ufal* na Deal nayo hate ingine noma but I will never give up in it but am done being the humble guy hii nadeal nayo. Yaani nimeskia vibaya Manze juu nimeambiwa rule ya YouTube ni it doesn't matter kama Niko right lazima ukae two weeks ndo irudi YouTube SiR Jah Ako na mimi you can slow me down but am not giving in God above everything"

Mejja had earlier claimed that he won't be collaborating too much like he usually does. He nomarly doesn't charge for a Collabo and no one knows if he would change his mind in the new chapter.

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