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Professionalism In Our Studio's Today

Journalism has been viewed in many years as a professional act of writing, reporting and publishing news and news articles in a way of communicating to a certain target audience. Journalists more often find it easy to communicate with their audience when they find it unusual or either a captivating information that will attract the attention of the readers. 

Our today focus will mainly be on the show hosts or rather referred to as show presenters. These are people who run shows on either radio or television so as to drive certain information or pressing topic to the audience. Show presenters usually makes it fun for the audience who listen or watch Television shows in order to keep on toes with trending information that may be on social media updates.

It is so unfortunate on how the Kenya in particular has diverged Journalism in these error, show hosts who are to be trained journalists are not given job opportunities paving room for actors and comedians to take over their space. The question is what are these journalists supposed to do after the completion of the four years training in college? Are they supposed to shift to being actors and comedians instead? Do these “show hosts” know the media ethics that govern a journalist? Has Radio become the “Churchill show” of our country?

 I think its high time we as journalists to open eyes and take up our own space in the media. Let’s keep the focus of what is entailed in the media council. As much as Television and radio are purposed to entertain, it should be in an educative manner.

Content created and supplied by: vivianmoraa (via Opera News )

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