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'They Have Kidnapped My Brother' Edger Obare Reveals Events Going On After His Expose.

Edger Obare is one brave man we have in the country. He has done exposes that are of high profile people in our country. He has exposed the dirty stuff people do. Unfortunately his latest expose is bringing trouble upon him.

Edgar exposed how the 'wash wash' business is being carried out in Kenya. He went ahead to mention names of the people involved in the 'wash wash' business. These are very wealthy people who have acquired money through frauds, money laundering and even fake gold scams. This was a very sensitive expose as it also involves high profile dignitaries in the government.

The expose has put Edgar's life in danger. His Instagram account was also blocked. Edgar has released a video revealing that his family is also in danger. His brother has been kidnapped. According to Edgar, the kidnappers kept asking the brother where Edgar is. They have tortured him something which is very painful.

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Edgar Edger Obare


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