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Zora: Loretta Pretends to be Sorry Only to Poison Zalena

The episode begins when Zalena was overcome by grief and could not go downstairs to take her meals with the family. However, Loretta is seen putting butter in the bread as if she was expecting an important visitor. She was preparing to give it to Zalena in the name of asking for forgiveness.

She enters her room with a real of food and Zalena was confused about what had become of Loretta because it is unusual for her to offer a service to anyone let alone Zalena. She started crying as she apologizes for everything wicked she did against her. Moreover, she narrated how the Chibale's has helped her in life and do not know how to repay them.

However, Loretta's tears were like those of a crocodile according to Zalena's judgment. She received food from her with a lot of pretends but when Loretta left after all her drama, Zalena there the food because she suspected that she might have poisoned it.

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