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Sultana: Zuu Slaps Mwanzele

In today's episode, Mwanzele will take Mbuya's poster and Looks at him. Major will call but as he wants to receive Zuu will slap him and the phone falls. Mwanzele will be surprised by what has come to Zuu.

Zuu asks Mwanzele who she thinks is and what's is planning with Major. Mwanzele will try to explain but Zuu stops him. Zuu tells him he should be ashamed after his late father Maneno gave her freely he went ahead and betrayed him. Zuu tells him that rather than join the villagers and attack Major he went ahead and betrayed them. Zuu is not happy for Mwanzele because he never paid any pride price and has betrayed her.

Major will call Mwanzele again and Zuu will take the phone. Zuu tells Mwanzele since he has decided to go against the villagers he should go to stay with Major. Mwanzele begs for forgiveness and Zuu tells him she has forgiven him but should go to Majors.

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Mwanzele Zuu Zuu Slaps Mwanzele


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