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DNA Results For Jemutai and Hammo's Kids are Out and Here is the Results.

Comedian Jemutai and Professor Hamo sired two kids together. However Jemutai made allegations against Professor Hammo that he was not providing for his kids. Hammo dismissed the allegations and said that his wife used to send money for his kids upkeep.

Churchill however advised them to solve their issues privately and in the end children must win. Hammo went ahead and did a DNA test with Jemutai's kids. The DNA results have confirmed that Hammo is the biological father of Jemutai's kids.

Since we are facing difficult times as a country due to the pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs,and these made Jemutai want to sell her Facebook account in order to pay bills. Jemutai made all these public allegations through blogger Edgar Obare.

What is your view on the DNA results? We hope that both of them will work together to support their children. Let us keep the conversation going in the comment section. Don't forget to share and like for more interesting news. Until next time keep safe.

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