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Divorce Affair

Details About Lucy Richard, Daughter to the Late Kalembe Ndile

Lucy Richard is daughter to the late Tip Tip party leader Kalembe Ndile as well a very focused lady especially more on things that can uplift her life to the next level. She is currently a student at one of the local universities in the country.

On her free time Lucy focuses more on family for it's clear she is also a business lady. According to her Facebook account she studied business administration as well marketing at the United States International University. She is only furthering her studies moving into the future for it's clear education is the key to many gates of success.

Lucy Richard is one very humble and polite lady with most of her focus being on things that can take her family to the next level. She is more determined on things that can uplift her life to great heights and not anything that can derail or delay her success journey.

It's a fact also that Lucy is not married nor is she known to be in a relationship. Single men can therefore try their luck for probably she could consider. It's a fact everybody wants to get into a relationship but the best one, though it's a fact she is not searching for a partner given she is very conformable with her life.

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