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Jalango blasts Kamene Goro over calling Otile Brown babe

During the morning kiss show hosted by Jalango and Kamene Goro, their guest was Otile Brown. And as they were continuing with the interview, Kamene Goro called Otile Brown babe as if it was something worth not getting an attention. Seconds later, Jalango pointed out the fact that she called Otile Brown babe and the two smiled it off. 

Continue reading to know how it all started. Otile Brown started narrating how he saw Kamene Goro along the highway. As he continued otile Brown said that he saw a very nice Mercedes-Benz and in it was Kamene Goro.

He continued that he had to stop  the car was super fine and to see that Kamene was driving that car, he was very proud of her since they were both working in the same industry. Kamene Goro continued saying that at that time, she was trying to get away from the jam and reach home since, she was very tired.

And then she saw a white BMW stop and to her recognition, it was a brown skin guy who apperently was Otile brown. The story was cut short as Otile Brown started talking about the Deputy President and artists meeting agenda. His point was that, the main focus is supposed to be on upcoming artists. Adding that most artists who went their are already successful. 

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