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Here is What Happened To Kwame When He went To Boaz To ask For His Wife Alma.

After Zalena kidnapped Boaz and Gave Kwame A gun so that he can do anything to him in case he tries to challenge Him Kwame has become so disturbed and the only thing he wants now is to know where His Wife Alma is. He decided to go to Boaz to ask for forgiveness for what he did to him.

When he arrived at Boaz Place Kwame confessed everything that happened until he killed his wife. He told Boaz everything and that in case of Zalena spotted Alma she will not hesitate to do anything to her. When Boaz listened to Kwame's story he realized that for sure Kwame loved his wife Alma and he did no intent to kill her.

Kwame told Boaz to do anything to him he wish to but before he requested him to give him even if it is five minutes to see his Wife Alma before he could be killed. When Boa heard this he was sorry and decided that he is going to forgive Kwame because he has set himself free for confessing everything. Boaz said that he is bringing the revenge to an end because even if they revenge Alma will not come back to life but Talia is against it.

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Boa Boaz Boaz Place Gave Kwame Kwame


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