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Look At How Smart Dj Shiti Replied To Snob Lady

Hilarious DJ Shiti posts a very funny clip on his Instagram channel, the video has created traffic online attracting hundreds of comments in reaction to it. DJ Shiti appears as an upcoming gospel artist, in this clip he tends to artistically show how upcoming artists go through ridicule and rejection as he interestingly approaches some ladies trying to talk to them that he is an artist who performs gospel music, but no lady catches her attention. He gives hope to himself that he will trend in the coming days and that they will beg to receive his attention. One lady who heightened the scene was a girl DJ Shiti approached buying an orange, he tried to talk but the lady was so uninterested as she shouted back at Shiti hysterically telling him to stop disturbing her peace of mind.

DJ Shiti called on to her asking if she has listened to his gospel songs which she said rudely which gospel?. The funniest thing that happened is that the lady called him an old man, DJ Shiti was so hurt by the words the lady uttered and he was looking for a perfect comeback. As he was sinking in the words thrown at him the lady added another blow by telling him to have work to do, this statements was so heartbreaking and could lower someone's self-esteem if in the real world leaving aside comedy, a fan or citizen gives such strong words to an upcoming artist it could either make him or her lose hope on her dream In the music industry.

After those strong words are thrown out to DJ Shiti, he countered them by telling the lady to also get lost and that she will search for him when he gets famous. He added a funny statement carrying the day "Na Wigs Za Dolly" hilarious, right?. Kenyans on social media were so amazed at the phrase as they praised Dj Shiti for a wonderful piece of artwork.

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