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Zora: "I Regret Having You As My Child" Boaz Tells Talia

Boaz is Talia's father and he had only two girls her and Alma. Alma died and Talia is her twin sister. We had seen that Talia is in love with Madiba the brother in law to her twin sister Alma. Madiba had promised to go and visit her in her house and Talia was happy thinking that madiba has accepted her request to be with her forever.

In tomorrow's episode, Madiba will go visit Talia and the two will have some food to eat together at the dining table As they are eating and talking Madiba asks Talia what she was doing because her sister was married to his blood brother Kwame and they cannot fall in love with each other.

He told her to her that to stay away from him and his family because Alma was his best friend for years and she would not be happy to see what her twin sister was doing but Talia insisted that it is true but that is what she feels for Madiba. Suddenly her father Boaz came in and was disappointed with Talia.

He was shocked to realize that His daughter Talia is in Love with Madiba. Madiba apologize for coming to his house without notifying him and told Boaz that his daughter Talia needs a doctor urgently because she is not okay Madiba left the house leaving Talia and her father alone.

Boaz told her that Alma was right when she said that Talia is a very selfish and opportunistic woman. He was angry and her and regretted why he gave birth to Talia. She decided to leave the house and go on her way.

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