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8 Things That Must Happen When Queen Elizabeth II Leaves The Throne

Queen Elizabeth ii is the world's oldest leader who has been in power for more than 60 years. Ever since she came to power, she has had a lot of achievements and a lot has been done during her reign.

Queen Elizabeth ii is considered an anointed queen and that is the reason she cannot abdicate her position as queen to the next person in line anytime soon.

Being an anointed queen meant that she made a oath with God to serve the people until death and the only thing that can make her leave the throne is death. She can however decided if she so wishes to abdicate the throne for her eldest son prince Charles.

Being one is the longest serving monarch, she commands a lot of respect and many actually believe in her and a survey showed that about 73 percent of people in England still believe in her and only 11 percent don't which is very insignificant compared to those that believe in her.

So what do you think happens when the queen leaves the throne? Since death is the only way that the queen can leave the throne, everything is planned to ensure a smooth transitions. This article is going to show you 8 things that must happen when the Queen leaves the throne;

1. Prince Charles and Camilla enthroned

The royal throne can never be vacant at any time and that is why every plan is in place to ensure someone is always their to succeed her. Prince Charles being the eldest son of the queen is the one that will immediately succeed her.

He will also be required to make a nation address that evening. Apart from that, he will have to visit Scotland, Wales and Ireland the next day while Camilla will automatically become Queen en Camilla of England.

2. Operation and 'code London Bridge'

For the Queen, everything to do with funeral arrangement is already planned prior and this is unlike many people. No one would want to plan for his or her death in advance. The transportation plan and this is what is known as the operation London Bridge. It is actually a secret code used anytime a member of the royal dies that marks the beginning of plans to send the departed well.

3. Breaking the news to the world

The queen's secretary is the one to inform the British prime Minister and later all the commonwealth nations and the UK will be informed. A notice will also be displayed at the buckingham Palace gate. Even pilots flying planes will be given the information to share with the passengers in their planes.

4. Convening the parliament meeting immediately

Both the congress and the senate are immediately expected to convene a meeting and they are expected to make an allegiance to the new authority in place. This is always an emergency meeting and even if the parliament is on recess, they will be expected to come back.

5. Prince William becoming first in line

As long as Prince Charles is alive, prince William cannot inherit the throne come what may. Even the queen cannot Abdicate the throne to her grandson when her son is still alive. So when Charles and Camilla become king and queen of England, William will become officially recognized as first in line to the royal throne. His wife Kate Middleton will become princess of Wales which was initially princess Diana's title, Prince William's biological mother.

6. Introduction of new currency

The death of the queen will mean the introduction of new currency and that is normally the most difficult part because it takes time. New banknotes will have to be made with prince Charlie's images. Official government stamps will also have to be changed. Constitution revised and this may take years but has to be effected with time.

7. Paying past respect

The public is expected to pay the final tribute to the Queen as a firm of paying her the last respect. She will be kept at the for 23 hours for people to see her and the procession will be help by an archbishop of Canterbury.

8. Days of mourning

After the Queen has passed away, there will be 12 days of mourning, flags will be lowered to half mast, there will be no comedy shows on any channels. The the stock exchange market of London will be closed and the burial day will become a national holiday.

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