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Sultana: Fatima and Dida are Officially Homeless After Being Evicted From Major's Home

Kokan blames JJ for throwing Sultana into the pool in today's episode, but Asia defends him. Asia informs them that JJ cannot do such a thing and is currently inside the house. Asia informs them that Fatima threw Sultana in the pool because she was present. Fatima will attempt to defend herself, but Kaka informs her that she is an evil woman. Dida pulls Kaka aside and tells him not to speak to her mother in this manner. Kaka warns her to keep quiet because their entire family is evil. Kokan will carry Sultana and warns JJ not to get too close to her.

Bi Ua will be furious after the incident and will go upstairs. She throws Fatima's bags away and tells her she doesn't want to see them. Sada will assist Bi Ua in evicting Fatima and Dida from their home.

Fatima will beg JJ to let them stay, but he doesn't want to hear their stories. JJ tells them to leave and never return to their house. JJ informs Dida that he has sent some money and that she can use it for maintenance. Dida and Fatima will have no choice but to flee.

Dida will inform Fatima that they are officially homeless as they travel. She accuses her mother of ruining her life but Fatima intervenes. Fatima informs Dida that they will pay for a room with the money JJ sent her. Fatima informs Dida that she has a plan and will make a few phone calls before returning to normal life.

Fatima and Dida have nowhere to stay because their house was taken by the bank auctioneer.

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