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Battle of Sizes: Slim vs Plus Size - Who are the Best?

There is a popular belief, that African men love their women big. Whether this is true or not is debatable, but these choices certainly go down to individual preferences. What we can confirm as true though, is that the number of plus size women is now higher than it has ever been in history. And the number of men loving the plus size woman outside Africa is growing exponentially.

Traditionally, plus size women were regarded as the results of their hardworking husbands. This characteristic was associated with well fed and less stressed women and therefore men took pride in it as it was an indicator of their social status.

In modern world, however, the slim woman is more privileged. A slim woman is associated with beauty and fashion and is said to be more confident and healthier. It is therefore not surprising that most models and lead actors of popular tv shows are most likely to be slim.

To those who love curves, women who are categorized as plus size or big beautiful women (BBW) seem more curvaceous than the slim ones. They are also believed to make better wives and mothers as they possess more feminine traits than their counterparts. Today, the fashion industry is also witnessing more and more plus size models. These women are increasingly confident and proud of their body sizes.

Women can, however, be beautiful and healthy at the same time irrespective of their body sizes. People should be able to have a free choice without having to feel like they are compromising one quality or the other by choosing either of the two.

What is your take on this?

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