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Facts About Christmas You Should Know

Here are facts about X-mas you should probably know by now:

They are as follows:

1. Jesus wasn't exactly born on 25th

It was assumed by scholars that he was born in between 6 and 4 BC.

2. Origin of jingle bell.

Two scientists discovered jingle bells song aboard ship, to pass time and ease the tension.

3. Christmas was illegal

Back in 1681, people had no idea about Christmas, those who practiced were fined or persecuted.

4. Santa Claus

Santa originated from St Nicholas who was so kind that he donated all of his fortunes to the needy.

5. Socks

The ritual of hanging socks by the chimney has a story behind it, thus turning into a legend.

6. Santa Claus is a hoax

There are children who still believe that santa will come and drop gifts, it is a lie. I waited for this white-bearded man all night in long but he didn't show up.

That's when I knew that Santa only exist in movies.

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