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Any questions about Ntalami Michelle on dating Fena Gitu is now Clear

Michelle Ntalami, CEO of Marini Natural and a successful businesswoman, has publicly addressed her relationship with female rapper Fena Gitu. Rumors of a romantic relationship between the two began to circulate after they were spotted together on a vacation in Madagascar, with Ntalami sharing pictures of the two of them appearing cozy together on social media. She also posted a cryptic poem as a caption, which many interpreted as confirmation of the rumors.

In an interview with Ankali Ray of Wambea 254, Michelle Ntalami denied rumors of a romantic relationship with Fena Gitu, stating that the singer is simply a good friend of hers and a brand ambassador for her Marini Natural products.

Responding to a question about her sexuality, Michelle made it clear that she is androsexual, she said that she is not afraid to put it out there.

"I'm an androsexual, I'm attracted to men or masculine energy," Ntalami confessed.

A quick check on the different definitions of the term Androsexual shows that it may be used to refer to those who have a strong attraction to masculinity. Androsexuals may find themselves drawn to anyone who possesses masculine traits, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, hence they are open to dating both men and women.

This information clears up any speculation regarding a romantic relationship between Michelle Ntalami and Fena Gitu, as it seems that Michelle is currently dating LGBTQ activist Makena Njeri. The couple previously made headlines before their break-up, and since then, people have been curious about their romantic partners.

When asked about the qualities she finds attractive in a man, Michelle Ntalami provided a list of characteristics her ideal partner should possess. "Height," she said, "I prefer someone taller than me. That's my only physical trait if we're strictly talking top 5." She went on to say that the person should have a kind heart and a great sense of humor or the ability to make her laugh. Loyalty and honesty were also important to her, as well as intelligence.

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