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Fena Gitu Slams Bloggers After Misreporting Details Of Her Relationship With Ntalami, Sends Warning

Celebrated Kenyan singer Fena Gitu has finally adressed the speculations that she is in a relationship with Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami.

Photo: Fena and Michelle Ntalami

In a long post on her Instagram account, the 'Doing Her Thing Tho' hit maker said that she chose to make things clear because of how bloggers had been telling the story in a different way, and exaggerating some things.

According to Fena Gitu, she is not in a romantic relationship with Michelle Ntalami.

The singer infact echoed what the businesswoman recently said in an interview that they are just friends.

Fena Gitu infact made it clear that the two are just long-term friends, and that the possibility of them dating is zero because they both believe that it is hard to maintain a true relationship in Nairobi.

"I usually don't to this, but for the people I care for, I will.

After an honestly magical trip to Madagascar reconnecting with one beautiful @michelle.ntalami..someone I share a deep and yes, complicated history with, the past week back in Nairobi has been one thing after another for blogs.

Can't even do post-holiday blues in peace. While I understand this life comes with the public scrutiny, there has to be limits to what and how 'journalists' and journalists report things".

Fena Gitu angrily added:

"...But let me clarify this: Mich and I are, as she said in a recent interview, really good long term friends. As it stands, we are not dating. She did not deny this. Neither did she deny me.

She has been truthful and vocal about dating in Kanairo...and I feel the same. Twisting her words or cornering her for silly clickbait headlines or to push a narrative for denial is false. And honestly, an impediment to both of us and our progress. Or is it too complex a concept to understand?".

Fena Gitu and Michelle Ntalami

Fena Gitu and Michelle Ntalami have been trending in the past few weeks or so, and this is because netizens have been speculating that the two are in a relationship.

This is because of the way the two have been enjoying their vacations together, and even posted some cute photos together while at it.

In a recent interview with Ankali Ray of Milele FM, the voluptuous Marini Naturals CEO however finally addressed the speculations and said:

"All I can say is Fena is a very good friend of mine. I think everybody knows that and we have been friends for years".

Michelle Ntalami further reiterated that she is androsexual, which means that she is only attracted to masculine men according to how she put it.

"There is nothing to hide about my sexuality for i have adressed it before on my social media platforms. I'm androsexual"

"I'm attracted to men of masculine energy. It's as simple as that and I have been very open about it in recent years".

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