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Lessons Everyone Must Learn From Tahidi High Actor, Omosh's Story that will make you invest wisely

For some people,I dont think even if life screwed them proper and clean they can publicize it online. They can even choose suicide over calling for online strangers to assist. But that is them. There are those who choose to come online and ask for assistance. Rather than criticize them so hard like some have done on Omosh, be moderate, shut up or help.

People are getting broke out here daily. To get broke means you were once doing well. A broke person doesn’t get broke. It is very easy for you men doing so well to think they will never get broke. But getting broke is a very easy thing especially for people earning money from unsustainable jobs and investments.

The most vulnerable group of people that can get broke so easily are men who are the first generation to accumulate important wealth. Those whose parents had significant, have a coverage against being broke overnight. What I usually see around are people so much used to poverty that when someone eats a decent meal, or lives in a decent house, they will wait to hear the person is facing some financial problem so that they can ridicule him for choosing decency over their pathetic lives. 

That will be called you were wasting money oh I don't know what nonsense. Chill and eat your githeri in peace. If Omosh gets broke after eating masala dosa and tacos, let him eat them. You continue with your dry bread with "turungi"(strong tea). That aside, people who make money and run away from traditionally secure investments will cry at some point.

The pressure out here is that Muhammed is running a restaurant he opened with 5M that is giving him net profits of 300k monthly. "Ukipita kidogo unapata Njoroge" running a Club he invested 40M that is doing so fine. What Mohammed and Njoroge will not share with you is the management strategies and wisdom they use to record those profits.

"Wewe unaenda unabeba" your 5M or 40M savings or top with a loan and you open a restaurant or club. A year later the business will record unsustainable losses, assets you purchased won’t fetch 30% when you sell them. "Hapo ndio unashtuka your 40M imekunywa maji" and you have started experiencing cash flow issues.

A man without a background cover should create a portfolio that invests in both traditional secure investments like land, homes, rentals, bonds mutual funds and EDUCATION, and still leave some funds to invest in high risky ventures like starting a brand new business, investing in stocks and such. If you draw money from traditional investments be sure you are safe for so long, if your money is from occasionally contracts, performance tips, new business, "anza kijipanga."


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