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'Sometimes It's Good To Be Alone' Lillian Muli Speaks On Heartbreaks

Citizen Tv news anchor Lillian Muli has come out to issue advice on how best to deal with heartbreaks. The celebrated media personality took to her social media page where she published a lengthy statement that addressed the subject. According to Lillian Muli, in as much as it may hurt, sometimes it is good for one to remain alone after being heartbroken.

She further explained that her advice is also useful to people who are struggling with relationships and those who are in the middle of making a major life-changing decision. Lillian Muli explained that taking some time alone to reflect on life is quite useful in most situations.

"Maybe you’re in the midst of a devastating breakup or you’re grappling with a major life decision. Perhaps you’re an introvert in desperate need of some blissful alone time. Or, it could be you’re just craving an escape from the overwhelming, fast-paced world we live in," Lillian Muli stated.

"Whatever your reasoning, sometimes seeking solitude is the best way to reflect, recharge, and hit the reset button. Lone traveler," she added.

Lillian Muli's advice is probably informed by the fact that she has been through similar situations. A few years back her marriage was hit by a public scandal. She became a subject of discussion online for weeks after she accused her then-husband of being unfaithful. reports indicate that the two later on separated.

The scandal appears to have taught Lillian Muli a crucial lesson and ever since then she is keen on keeping her personal life extremely private. It remains unknown whether she is currently in a relationship or not.

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