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Top 4 Kenyan Celebraties Who Requested For DNA Test On Their Alleged Children

Why is DNA important, It is pivotal to our reproduction and health. It contains the instructions necessary for your cells to produce proteins that affect many different processes and functions in your body.

These four celebrities asked for a DNA test on their alleged children to ensure they are not catering for another man's child.

1. Professor Hamo

Comedian Jemutai revealed that Professor Hamo asked for a DNA test to determine the paternity of the children they allegedly sired. Through screengrabs which was shared by blogger Edgar Obare before Hamo had refused to pay school fees for his children.

2. Bahati

Bahati was on the spot about years ago following reports he secretly subjected his daughter Heaven to a DNA test.

According to the singer set the record straight, saying the DNA test was not conducted on Heaven but Mueni, his daughter with ex-girlfriend Yvette Obura.

3. Kabi

Content creator Kabi wa Jesus had confirmed that he sired a child with his cousin Shiko in 2013 before he got saved. He had denied being the father until DNA test confirmed that he was the biological father of baby Abby after a paternity test.

4. Francis Luchivya

Francis Luchivya and Patience Khasoa dated since 2019 before she got pregnant and delivered in 2020.

Luchivya supported her through pregnancy and birth but stopped when he found out his name was missing on the birth notification.

The two are now embroiled in DNA drama, with Luchivya maintaining he will only continue providing after the paternity test results come out.

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