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Netizens Have Already Taken Sides, It's Too Late For Hamo To Redeem Himself

This morning, we woke up to Hamo defending himself against Jemutai's deadbeat allegations. Netizens were eagerly waiting for his response and after what seemed like eternity, and he finally opened up today. His response did not only anger netizens, but Jemutai too. Hamo went on about how he has never neglected any of his kids, and that he has been using his first wife to send money to Jemutai.

To this, Jemutai countered that Hamo barely visited his kids, and when he did, he came late at night when children are already asleep and also drunk. He Also barely bought them anything when visiting, and the last thing she can remember him bringing his children are two Oreo biscuits. She also argued that the total amount Hamo's first wife ever sent her was 9K.

Ever since the story came out, netizens have sympathised with Jemutai and now with Hamo's latest statement, he has ignited more anger towards him. The guy is in denial and he is adamant about accepting that he messed up. The only thing he can boldly do as a father is accept responsibility for all families involved, without having a favorite. That's all he can do for his already tainted public image.

Below: Reactions from netizens following Hamo's statement

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