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Zora Actresses Before Fame and the Kind of Jobs they Did (Photos)

Before they became famous how was the Zora's actresses life looking like, and which kind of jobs were they doing? As the actresses are currently famous because of the Zora series show they started from somewhere, they had to hustle hard to be where they are right now. Below are the actresses before fame;


She goes by the name Bridget Shighadi in real life. She has been in the acting industry for a very long time, but her fame catapulted from the Maria Citizen TV series. Apart from the local shows, Yola has acted for Netflix and Showmax.

Yola's fame didn't just came as a manner, she had to work her head to be where she is currently. Back in the days she used to look different compared to how she currently looks.

Before fame hit her, Yola used to do local advertisements like for Coca-Cola. She was also an influencer, though small one.


The unapologetic Nana goes by the name of Jackie Matubia. Jackie has been a celebrity since back in the days, but her brand has currently grown tremendously compared to back then.

Apart from acting, Nana used to host TV shows like the Chatspot. She acted as Jolene in Tahidi high, that's where her acting career began.


Her real name is Damaris. For her she is not that known in the acting scene, but she has acted in different films. She still used to be fashionable back in the days before fame.


Her real name is Sarah Hassan. She is a known actress in the country from back in the days. She gained fame from the Tahidi high TV series where she acted as Tanya. Apart from acting, Zora has hosted slot of shows like the Wedding Show.

When it came to her fashion sense back in the days, being an actress and also hosting shows Zora was ment to dress well and even doing her makeup nicely. Before Zora, Sarah Hassan was still acting, doing commercials, and even hosting shows.

Neema Sulubu

Maybe some of you have known Neema from the Zora Citizen TV show, but this young lady started acting back in the days in shows like Moyo.

Before Zora, Neema used to be a radio host. Being a known even back in the days, Neema was awarded the best actress of the year in 2018.

What do you think of these Zora actresses, do you think they have changed that much compared to right now? Do you also also think if their hard work has placed them where they are right now?

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