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This ‘Small Money’ Secret Revealed That Will Make You 6 Figures In A Month

The other day my good friend Edwin insisted that I get a movie at his shop. He knew that I loved movies and always buy them but not from his place. It’s not like I’ve never been at his place. I’ve been there a few times but it’s not convenient going to his shop because it’s on the opposite side of my direction towards home.

So on this sunny Saturday, I decided to take the long walk to his movie shop since I didn’t have much to do that afternoon. On arriving at his movie shop I ordered for a bottle of soda as I waited for my Homeland season 5 to burn.

It was quite a beehive of activity in that tiny room. Guys strutting in and out buying movies, mostly on DVDs but some came with flash disks and laptops

“Seriously, how much does Edwin make in this business?” I wondered.

Yea, I know a movie goes for only 50 bob but the number of guys trickling in that tiny room was astonishing. I decided to order for season 1 and 2 of power just to spend more time and roughly gauge what this friend of mine makes in an hour or two.

15 mins, 30 mins….2 hours later and I swear I had counted about 25 guys walking in and none of them had carried just a single movie o their way out. It was either two or three on the minimum. And the movie boy was quite the salesman. “hujaona QuanticoWacha nikuburnie hiyo leo. Nakwambia utarudi kesho ukitafuta season 2…

Na ushaona blindspot? Wacha nikuonyeshe trailer yake…”

The movie seduction continued…and more business was done.

Okay maybe 25 guys buying movies in a span of just two hours doesn’t surprise you that much but let’s get down to numbers and see what that translates to.

Like I said each person walked away with at least two movies and that translates to 100 bob per person.

100 multiply by 25 makes a whooping 2,500 bob in just two hours!

Ok, that’s gross income you might say. What of the expenses incurred in buying blank DVDs?

I know a quality blank DVD would cost around 10 bob and if you do the mathematics then you’ll realize that my friend Edwin would have pocketed a net of Shs 80 per person.

Multiply this by 25 and you get a cool 2000 bob in just two hours!

So what do you think the guy gets after a hard day’s work? 5,000, 6,000 or 7,000 maybe…

Seriously, how many white collar workers can beat that? Maybe a few employees in big blue chip companies but not many can beat that figure in just a single day.

But if you haven’t sat in a movie shop a whole day and counted the number of folks buying movies you wouldn’t think much of this business. You’d look at it in terms of the “tu 50 bobs” and you’d say it’s a “peanut” business that doesn’t amount to much.

You’d be seated at your desk on payday waiting eagerly for your Shs 40,000 feeling like you are now entitled to a seat at Chris Kirubi’s table but you got nothing on this movie guy. He makes what you make in just a week with not much sweat.

Bottom line!

In the world of business no money is considered small. Don’t ever look down upon these ‘small businesses’ that seem to make pennies per transaction/sale. Look at it in terms of the volume that it racks up after a whole day or a month and you’ll realize it was never a small business in the first place.

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