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Sultana:Fatima Intends To Get Rid Of Sada And Asia

In Monday's episode, Sada will wake up Fatima very early in the morning. Sada tells her to wake up and not think is lodging. Fatima will be annoyed and wakes up.

Sada gives Fatima a broom to clean the compound because she can't stay with lazy people. Fatima will refuse but Sada tells her she must obey her rules as long she leaves in her mansion. Sada tells her she must get used to doing work like cleaning utensils, compounding, and ironing clothes.

Later Fatima will go some tea in the kitchen and Mwanzele will follow her with a broom. Mwanzele tells her should sweep and its order from Madam Boss. Fatima tells him to forget and should get away with his broom.

Sada will find Fatima and tells her she must clean the house or else she kicks her from the house. Fatima will want to fight Sada but will be stopped. Sada tells her to just dare and will know she is a training machine not like Tuk-tuk. Fatima goes to her room and assures Sada she must kill her.

Fatima will watch Sada talking to Asia. Asia is afraid Fatima may do something bad to them. Sada tells her that they should keep their enemies close to finishing them. Fatima can't hear the conversation and swears to get rid of Sada because she can't let them stay in peace. Fatima Intends to get rid of Asia first then Sada will follow.

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