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King Kaka's Wife Shares Beautiful Family Photo As She Introduces Their House Help Of 7 Years

King Kaka's wife Nana Owiti(Photo/Courtesy)

Switch TV host Nana Owiti, the wife of popular rapper King Kaka, has stunned Netizens after she shared a beautiful family photo on her Instagram page to prove that indeed marriage works. The ever-smiling TV host shared a photo of her husband, kids and their house help.

Nana introduced her family members starting with her celebrity husband, whom she described as a genius, the provider, and the head of the family. In the photo, King Kaka was holding their second born son. Their firstborn daughter who is 6 years old also appeared in the breathtaking photo putting up a big smile. Nana described her daughter as a very responsible little girl who always speaks her mind.

She also introduced their house help Christine who was pictured holding her son Roy. Nana revealed that Christine has been their house help for almost 7 years and described her as very organized, clean and respectful.

Nana revealed that her sister was supposed to appear in the photo but she was involved in a minor accident when they were doing the photo-shoot.

''Here to bless your timelines...Let me introduce y’all to the family members.. The missing one is my sister because she’d had a minor accident as we were shooting this.

The King(Patriarch) @thekingkaka,the head of our family and the provider. He’s also a GENIUS with a beautiful mind and a beautiful heart. He’s holding our son(@princeiroma ) 3yrs. front of me is my 1st born daughter @gwethgeezy she’s 6yrs. Also very assertive and speaks her mind. Such a sweetheart and very responsible. Helps us raise the other babies. She calls them ‘the babies..’ 😆

Next to me is our domestic manager #Christine holding her son #Roy. She’s been with us almost 7 years now. Very organized,clean freak and respectful. We call her TinTin.#Roy is our bonus child and the last born in our family. He’s playful,catches feelings easily but such a sweet boy. He will say hi to you 1000000000 times in a day. Also he calls me ‘Mamaaa’ and calls his mom ‘Mummy’. He started calling her Mummy approx 2months ago after a lot of blackmailing by her 😆 He used to call her TinTin like the rest of us. He slips and calls her Tin every now and then but he’s quick to get his tongue in order ASAP 😆 😂I’m grounded by this unit. I pray for this unit and I’m happy with this UNIT 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👦❤️🧡💚💜🤍 '' she wrote and shared this lovely photo.

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