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Photos of Actress Maggie in Real Life

Actress Beatrice Dorea Chege, who played the role of Maggie in a popular Citizen TV Swahili telenovela film known as Maria TV series, is currently one of the most successful actresses in our country today.

The renowned Maria actress used to be a unique and a focused actress who played her role out of passion and hard work, leaving so many Kenyans perplexed by her acting skills. Maria show did a great job to feature such a talented young actress like Chege, who played a major role in making the show more captivating and also benefitted from the show by gaining fame.

Due to the popularity gained by Chege from the show, she has managed to land other lucrative deals with different companies where she is seen advertising their products online.

I’m sure most of us have never come across actress Maggie in our televisions ever since Maria show came to an end. Today I’ve decided to share with you some photos of Dorea Chege in real life.

Below are some of her photos,

Meanwhile, what do you have to say about actress Maggie? Drop your genuine comments in the comment section below.

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