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" I Love Him But I Have No Plans To Marry Him Or Have Kids With Him " Steve Simple Boy's Girlfriend

Love affairs tend to trick many individuals in life.The lives of celebrities and public figures catches the attention of many kenyans.Their utterances, behaviour and way of doing things generally have impact on the upcoming generations.

However, people's perceptions that public figures live luxurious lives is not always correct.A popular artist and a comedian known as Steve Simple Boy is amongst celebrities who have been suffering behind the curtains.

Today, his girlfriend known as Pritty revealed that Steve's life is chained by people who manage his music industry.Steve doesn't operate on his social media platforms.Instead, other people from the management respond to his fans on his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Surprisingly, he lives in temporary rentals in Kibira.To make the matter worse, Simple Boy isn't allowed to share his personal contacts to the social media or friends.

The interviewer asked Pritty whether she is planning to get married and have children with the celebrity.She responded that she loves the artist but she has no such plans to marry him or have children with him in the future.You may watch her full interview via the link below.Feel free to share your ideas and views about Steve's life and his girlfriend's utterances.

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