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Wedding planning scene

Maria 18th March 2021 Written Episode Updates, Part 2

The wedding party continoues, Father will ask if anyone has an opinion about this marriage,no one will be able to speak out, Father will say if there is no one to talk then let him or her stay with his words until death.

Father will start connecting Maria with Luwi,after being connected everyone is happy except Sofia who gives us a fake smile & Brenda who doesn't have a smile on her face,there will be a traditional dance to celebrate Luwi and Maria's wedding.

After the wedding, William will meet a detective telling him he is under arrest,William is ready to go in,the guy who got in a while and sat in a caravan, he calls Sofia and not Trevor, Sofia will text her as if she has given him a signal to start up a mission.

Maria will want to throw away those flowers so that they know who is next to do a wedding, Maria will turn and go directly to Vanessa and give her hand,Vanessa will turn around and find Silas kneeling ready to propose,Maggy gets there and Silas doesn't have any say.

People have been called to see Victor,he's eating from a dirty pot,Omari will tell everyone to go out and be released that he will deal with it, Omari will tell the boys to take Victor to the room to lock him u,Sofia is back and sitting in the chair she will be shot by Brenda,that guy will leave without doing anything.

A few months later,Maria and Luwi will be having fun,today they are tourists,they will be talking about Maria asking for their child's name and agree to name him Gabriel a name just like Maria's father,Luwi will claim he likes that name,after they have returned and set themselves in the car,someone is inside.

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