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Wewe hutoboa aje kukua Na madem~ Eric Omondi new video raises eyebrows

Comedian Eric Omondi who entitles himself as the best African comedian is yet again in the spotlight after posting a video on his Instagram account. The comedian seems to not care what other people think or say about his actions.

Regardless, he still entertains so many with such kinds of videos. In that video, Eric Omondi is seen playing with kids the type of football kids used to play made of nylon, paper, and ropes.

He is full of dust from his hair all the way down to his feet toes. This made his fellow comedian Eddie Butita, who got a role from Netflix comment by saying how does he manage to have girlfriends.

Generally speaking, if these actions were to be done by an ordinary person, some negativity may have been spread since these are not actions a full- grown man should be doing.

Eric Omondi still receives so much negativity from such videos but the most interesting thing is that brands pay him for doing such. This made a user by the name of ' Shabbah the Bronze' comment by saying that I did not know that madness can make a person rich.

It' s without a doubt that Eric Omondi loves to be in the spotlight. Surprisingly, this is not the most bizarre video that Eric Omondi has ever posted online. Remember the video whereby Eric Omondi was naked with other kids at a certain river, what about we call that madness.

As much as content creation is concerned, there is no limit for this man. Such type of content has made him be recognized by international celebrities including Rihanna and Viola Davis.

He should indeed be honored with an award for such type of content for it takes more than courage to release such videos. And that' s why people are wondering how he manages to have a girlfriend with such type of content.

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