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Sultana: Dida Reveals The Truth About Fatima's Soft Life And Sada Backs Her Up

In tomorrow's episode, JJ will stop Dida from going outside. JJ tells her to let the police look for his father because she can't do it alone. Dida doesn't want to listen to him and tells JJ to let her go. Major will find them and tells Dida to cool down.

Major tells Dida that he talked with the police and is doing their best to find Mbuya. Dida will be annoyed and tells Major they never believed her that Mbuya was alive and don't see any importance in helping her. JJ tells her to relax and that everything will be well. Dida asks him for the money he borrowed and Fatima will be shocked. Fatima asks Dida why she needed money and Dida starts crying.

Sada will find Dida crying and begs her to stop. Sada will hug her and asks what's the problem. Dida tells her that her mother doesn't want Mbuya to be alive so that she can live a soft life. Dida informs them Fatima wants Mbuya dead so that she can't go to a broke man but enjoy soft life at Major's house. Sada tells Dida not to worry her father will be found and that Fatima will never enjoy any soft life while is alive.

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