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Harmonize Mocked And Laughed At For Copying Diamond Platinums Fashion Style

Diamond Platinums is a singer, songwriter, artist, musician, entrepreneur, business man and brand ambassador. Harmonize is also a musician just like Diamond is. Both singers come from Tanzania and are great in their own unique way.

However, the two artist and singers are always in competition with one another. Point if correction, Harmonize is always in competition with Diamond Platinums who is way out of his league. Whatever Diamond Platinums plans to do, Harmonize is always caught making plans to do the same.

The two artists are frenemies as they were once friends before they parted ways. Diamond Platinums artistically birthed Harmonize as he is the one who rose him to fame and nurtured his talent. However, when Harmonize went his born way, the singer is always trying to copy his peer.

When it comes to fashion, Harmonize also copies Whatever Diamond wears ir outs on. In a photo of the two wearing similar outfits that Harmonize copied fro Diamond, Netizens were all laughing at Harmonize for copying his peer. The wore similar woven bucket hats, paired with a black shades, black T shirt and a couple of chains hanging on their chest. Both singers were also rocking studs on their ears.

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Netizens quickly reactedvto the comparison as most were mocking and laughing at Harmonize for trying too hard to be like Diamond Platimums yet he is no matchbook his energy. Another fan claimed that Harmonize rocked fake outfits.

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