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Lessons To Learn From Trending Story Of Comedienne Jemutai And Comedian Hamo

The trending story of Jemutai and Hamo has left Kenyans giving different opinions. Jemutai accused Hamo of being a deadbeat father to their two children. This has caused an argument between them as each one of them shared their side of story.

Hamo and Jemutai

Below are some of the lessons we need to learn from the story of the two.

To begin with, we need to put in mind that whether we are ready for kids or not, there should be no excuses for being irresponsible. When a baby is received into the world, the parties involved need to be responsible and provide for the kids' needs. Never make your children suffer because of the differences you have with your partner. Hamo and Jemutai need to put their differences aside and take care of their children.

Moreover, parents and celebrities need to understand that children are innocent souls who are not aware of what is happening between their parents. Therefore, they need privacy. Issues regarding children need to be settled privately and not publicly.

We also need to put in mind that when we have issues between partners, we need to use peaceful methods of solving problems. We should refrain from using social media to expose our inner wrangles. We have some partners who are going through hard times in their families but they solve them secretly. If it is possible, a third party or mediator should he invited and help in solving the issue.

Ladies need to learn that having a secret affair with a married man has consequences. If a man is ready to be polygamous and take you as a second wife, it is wise to involve families from both sides. This might prevent cases of neglect from other partner. Private affairs will one day be exposed.

When one is a Celebrity, they need to act as role models. Simple mistakes can cost one's talents and gifts. We need to respect our audience and show them the best way. Hamo and Jemutai should respect their fans and settle their issues soonest. They shouldn't let their ego control them.

We hope Jemutai and Hamo solve their issues peacefully and soon.

What do you think we need to learn from story of Jemutai and Hamo? Fe free to drop your comment.

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Hamo Jemutai


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