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Zora 28th Updates :Zalena Escapes While as Madiba Gets Arrested.

Zora is a local drama that has been airing for a while now. It is aired in citizen tv at 8 :00 pm from Monday to Friday, and a repeat on Saturdays. The ongoing Zora drama is getting better and better. Each day its becoming juicy and its leaving the viewers with more thirst for more.

In the last episode, we left Zalena planing to escape after she realized she was next in line to be arrested, this is after Fela was arrested for the murder of Madiba and Kwame's father. Zalena wears like a Muslim covering her whole body, and guess what? She goes to Hamida's, the reason as to why she decide to escape to Hamida's is because of Neema.

At Madiba's place, Ogola comes wearing his official detective clothes, he is no more the OG or the gate man. He is very serious about arresting the real culprit on the death of Oliver Chibale. But when he ask for Zalena's whereabouts, he is told she had escaped. For that reason he opts to arrest Madiba.

A few minutes later, Hamida alls and betrays Zalena,and later she is caught. At Zora's, Simba is still mad at her mother and is not ready to forgive her after she watched his father get arrested.

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