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'Zora Ameanza Kuboo Sasa' Angry Kenyans React After Zora Did Unexpected To Madiba, Lila and Fila

Zora series which is usually being aired on citizen television from Monday to Friday continue to spark mixed reactions from Kenyans. The juicy part of it began when Madiba felt in love with Nana who by then was acting like a tutor to his kids, Lila and Fila. Unfortunately, Madiba's dad seemed to have fallen in love with Nana also. It was at this point that the grudge began between dad and son.

Madiba's mother and brother (Kwame) were in support of their wedding. However, Oliver and Loretta fully opposed it. Despite all the drama, the wedding ceremony was organized but unfortunately, it did not hold when Zora showed up and was surprised to see the man she loved wedding her best friend.

Zora could not hold it anymore. She collapsed forcing Madiba to drop the ring in order to attend to her. And that's how Nana lost Madiba to Zora. The enmity between Zora and Nana began. On the other hand, Oliver broke ties with Madiba after he realized that Madiba is not his biological son. He then ordered them to vacate his house together with his two daughters with immediate effect.

Madiba was left in a very difficult situation. He decided to go and book an hotel together with his lovely daughters. On reaching the hotel, all of his cards denied payment only to realize that Mr Oliver has frozen his accounts. He was then forced to seek shelter from her fiancee (Zora) who is currently living in a ghetto. He left Lila and Fila with Zora and proceeded to attend to his dad's burial (biological father). On coming back, Zora seemed to have been pissed off with Fila's behavior and she decided to order Madiba to vacate her house immediately. Many people seem to have been annoyed with Zora's action of sending Madiba away knowing clearly that Madiba has no place to go to.

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