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Sultana:Babu Would Rather Die Than Seek Mwanzele's Assistance

In today's episode, Kaka will inform Zuu and Salama that Babu is sick and should come and say goodbye. Salama will be surprised because Babu was well few days. Kokan will be around and tells Salama that they can't ruin his marriage proposal by pretending Babu is sick. Sada wishes Kokan that he could have Burnt all head because sometimes he doesn't think like a mature man.

Sada, Salama, Zuu, and Kokan will go to see Babu. Kokan will demand to see Babu because he wants to continue with his marriage proposal. Kaka tells Kokan to sometimes think like a doctor and not like conductors.

Salama will get inside and finds Babu is very sick. Salama will ask Kaka to explain what happened to Babu. Kaka tells them that he found Babu drowning in the ocean and his boat had collapsed upside down. Kokan tells Kaka to hurry and stops trembling. Sada stops him and asks Kaka to take his time and explain. Kaka informs them that Babu had been tied to his hands but saved him and begs Kaka not to tell anyone.

The family will get inside again. Kokan asks Babu to give him his blessings because he wants to marry Sultana. Salama tells Kokan to think and should find ways to treat Babu not ask him those questions. Kokan tells them he didn't come with his medical instrument and had come for only a marriage proposal.

Mwanzele will join and tells them that Babu needs to be taken to the hospital. Mwanzele tells them he has some money and should take a tuk-tuk to save Babu's life. Babu will talk and tells them that he rather die than get help from Mwanzele. Babu doesn't want any help from Mwanzele.

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