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Kojoa Ulale: Samidoh's First Wife In Trouble Over Her Controversial Remarks

Karen Nyamu, Samidoh and Edday Nderitu. [Photo ~ Courtesy]

Vernacular musician Samidoh's first wife Edday Nderitu has found herself on the wrong side of Kenyans on social media following a remark that she made. Edday Nderitu while responding to a fan who had criticized her on social media, uttered words that a good number of the netizens have deemed to be inappropriate.

Samidoh and Edday Nderitu. [Photo ~ Courtesy]

Edday Nderitu had been criticized by a fan for supporting the rival of city politician Karen Nyamu who is rumoured to be her co-wife. The critic was of the opinion that Edday should stand with Karen Nyamu and display unity instead of teaming up with her rival.

Edday Nderitu's social media post. [Photo ~ Courtesy]

The response sparked varied reactions on social media with a number of the her followers pointing out that Edday Nderitu had crossed the line with her remark. They noted that given her status in the society, she should use a more friendly language and not to utter vulgar words against those who don't support her.

Karen Nyamu. [Photo ~ Courtesy]

Others advised her to have a social media manager who will respond to critics professionally instead of writing such inappropriate words.

Karen Nyamu. [Photo ~ Courtesy]

There were also a number of social media users who defended Edday Nderitu citing that she was only responding to a critic in a manner that was deserved. They explained that Edday Nderitu is human despite being in the limelight.

Samidoh. [Photo ~ Courtesy]

Samidoh who is the roots of the alleged beef between Karen Nyamu and Edday Nderitu remained silent despite netizens dragging his name into the debate.

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