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Next Episode on Zora Series: Part 2

Part 2

Fela is on a phone call and Simba is still listening. Fela talks about business. Fela talking on the phone will decide to stop and go somewhere else. Simba 'will have a great chance and he will escape.

Fela will come back claiming it was Milk he forgot in the kitchen. He was cooking the brewery. After the first call he will get the second one again it is business. After the call Fela's phone shuts down. Fela will stop to look at Simba.

Zora will be talking to her father. Zora wants to know how she will find Simba. Mzee Simba will claim now it will not be easy, but for the child he is with his father. Zora will ask really? Mzee Simba will claim to understand Zora, but it would not be difficult to find Simba if Zora did not agree to the criteria.

Zora will ask again are they just coming back there? Mzee Simba will claim that Simba will have to stay with his father. Solution will be available but requires patience. Zora will ask her father if he knows Fela well. Zora will tell her father there are very high chances Fela was responsible for Gerald's death.

Zora will claim that Fela is very dangerous. Mzee Simba will tell Zora to remember that this man is the father of his child and he has not reached the point of killing. Zora will tell her father to get up and go.

On the other side, Yola at home will make Madiba food and say sorry. Madiba does not want to. He knows this is not human but a flea. Yola will wonder, who will sit in the kitchen preparing food for someone and then show him contempt?

Zora and her father will go up to the neighbor. Zora will show him a picture of Fela to see if he saw him that day. The mother will see the picture then give up. Zora will leave as she tells her father to have a happy day as she has already received the answer.

Madiba will be in the compound, Kwame will join him. Kwame will ask Madiba if he can tell him something about Oliver. Kwame will tell Madiba his dismissal was not a matter of him not being a Chibale, but about Nana. For Nana Oliver will visit her. Madiba loses his father and Nana? So they were chased like dogs because of Nana.

Kwame will remind Madiba the day Nana slept there as Oliver went drunk and came back he was against Madiba, also Oliver was against Nana and Madiba's wedding. Even that day Ogola proposed to Nana, Oliver got furious. Madiba will ask who is robbed of his car and house, to be evicted, all because of a woman? Kwame will claim yes. Madiba believes. Kwame will tell him that he has beaten him so he will know how to handle the situation.

Madiba is confused and jams up. Kwame will tell him to get inside. Oliver had sent Nana something. Oliver will tell Nana to open it. Nana's opening is a document, Nana has been made one of the share holders for Oliver's company. This is to show Nana how much she loves him. Nana will be happy until she closes the door and decides to give Oliver a hug.

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