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'Mum, Why Did you Decide to Abandon Us When You Got Married To Another Man,' Jane Said

Jane Wanjiku is the fourth born of five children. Her dad died and they were left without a father.

Later her mum, Mary Waithera Kamau, decided to leave from home in 2010 and they were left with her aunt. She got married to a man by the name Dan.

They were blessed with three children. She has never visited her family that she abodoned though they used to quarrel with her mother.

Her mother died last year but one and she never attended the funeral to say goodbye to her builogical mother.

"Mum you left me behind when I was 14-year-old and now am a grow up and a mother of two children and also a wife to my husband.

I wish you can come back to us because we miss the love of a parent and deep in our heart, we forgave you. Please come back to us," Jane cried.

"My sister please come back home because your children are safe and they need you so much. Our mother died and we are very sad that you are not with us," Alice begged.

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